Mantra Night

EquinoxLast night’s Mantra Night was very powerful, thanks to a Blood Full Moon eclipse enjoyed in the company of 16 beautiful people! Thank you all for coming and making lasting memories.

Eclipses are extreme in their polarities which is what causes us to feel pulled in negative and positive directions, sometimes simultaneously. It’s no wonder some of us have been feeling a little “wacky”.

In these turbulent times it is very important to have a strong aura and radiant body. We say they should be like steel and balanced, otherwise you can be left feeling depleted, insecure, depressed and so on. By contrast, if your aura and radiant body are strong and balanced, your presence will communicate contentment, you feel contained, complete and you are more conscious.
The good news is that Kundalini Yoga, and particularly the mantras we chanted last night, help strengthen our aura or radiant bodies. So today you should already feel better!

Here is a link to one of the meditations we did last last night.

And here is the Beautiful Mantra;

This is a great Meditation practice for 40 days,



Raj Jiwan.