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My story

Philippa , changed her lifestyle there is 7 years ago after feeling lost during years and years! Bad and unhealthy habits were her daily menu! She was called “the lost soul” of the family…

As a real dreamer she knew something bigger and better was waiting for her.

Funny enough it was in a holistic fair in England where this book , “A woman’s book of Yoga”, literally Jumped on her,! It was the beginning of her new life, even if she didn’t know it!

She went out of her comfort zone straight to india!

After a Panchakarma Full detox of the Mind, Body and Soul, Traveled back to India to do a   Hatha TTC, Kundalini Yoga Teacher training, she has found her new path!

She had to fight to keep living her bliss, and so she is still doing!

When she gives a yoga class , she has this natural ability to send you straight to your own awareness.

She´s determined to help you, she feels honored to be able to teach you some very valuable tools that will help your daily life to keep up with your own Bliss!

Her favourite quote is: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
Her favourite tune is: Music is medicine for her soul