To keep a vision and sustain it is very difficult, that is the reason why I practice Kundalini yoga.

Visions are very unpredictable, they often come in different forms such as a sensation, a déjà vu, an idea, a thought, an image, or a word. As veiled and unpredictable as they may be, they catch you by surprise and vary in intensity and duration.

A vision needs to be coded in a manner similar to how we gather information from a Mime, who communicates without words. The mime knows something we don´t and finds a way to communicate it.

So, a part of us extends beyond space and time too, draws in a vision from the unknown and translates it to another part of us, using a common language so that the meaning can be grasped and understood by our rational sense.

For most of us, the realization of it being a vision, reminds us of our limitations and we come to believe less and less in our vision until we end up seeing them as pure fantasy. This normally occurs due too, laziness, fear, feelings of guilt, insecurity, belief patterns etc. The sad thing is that we accept the uncomfortable situation till it subsides and we loose faith in the vision.

The aim is to break through our own comfort zone, while keeping a strong core,a strong sense of self. To do this we need two things- posture and attitude and Kundalini yoga gives us the appropriate tools to create Posture and Attitude, to create a glandular maturity and a strong nervous system, so that our very presence and our radiance may can express excellence, to carry our Vision into reality.

Two and half years ago I had a vision and without my strong Sadhana practice, and without the valuable tools that Kundalini yoga gives you, I wouldn’t be making my dream come true right now, opening a RA MA Institute for applied yoga, science and technology here in Mallorca with my teacher Guru Jagat.

Thank you DIMA.

How Exciting,

Sat Nam.

Raj Jiwan.

Mantra Night

EquinoxLast night’s Mantra Night was very powerful, thanks to a Blood Full Moon eclipse enjoyed in the company of 16 beautiful people! Thank you all for coming and making lasting memories.

Eclipses are extreme in their polarities which is what causes us to feel pulled in negative and positive directions, sometimes simultaneously. It’s no wonder some of us have been feeling a little “wacky”.

In these turbulent times it is very important to have a strong aura and radiant body. We say they should be like steel and balanced, otherwise you can be left feeling depleted, insecure, depressed and so on. By contrast, if your aura and radiant body are strong and balanced, your presence will communicate contentment, you feel contained, complete and you are more conscious.
The good news is that Kundalini Yoga, and particularly the mantras we chanted last night, help strengthen our aura or radiant bodies. So today you should already feel better!

Here is a link to one of the meditations we did last last night.

And here is the Beautiful Mantra;

This is a great Meditation practice for 40 days,



Raj Jiwan.

September Pop-up Events are here.

Sat Nam​ Kundalini Go-ers 🙂

I hope you are all well. As we reach the end of august, as promised Pop-up yoga is here again, with very exciting new places to practice and really interesting workshops.

Up Coming Pop-Up Events;

Kundalini Yoga-class “Becoming Cristal Clear and Unstuck”
12th September in Santa Maria @ 10:00am @ Calle Cuarter III no 21 07320, Sant Maria del Cami. Illes Balears.

Kundalini Yoga-class “Master your self and awaken your potential”
19th of September in The Tower of Love @ C Torre del Amor nº2º1 07001 Palma,

Kundalini Yoga Meditation Workshop 2.5h. You will do specific meditations to experience rebirthing to deepen your awareness. Location to be provided.
20th of September @ 20:00h-22:00

Pop Up post-2

Finally, if you want to hear me speak about the benefits of kundalini yoga, join me and Glynis German of the Happiness Café on 21st of September at10:00am

Also if you know of a great free location that could benefit from this yogic technology please email me!

Sending out lots of love,

Raj Jiwan/ Philippa Hughes.

Interview by Ellie Om Tour

Philippa Hughes, spiritual name Raj Jiwan. Kundalini Teacher, Doula and empowering Woman.

The first time I met Raj Jiwan was on the International Yoga Day in Mallorca. She taught a Kundalini Class at Tramuntana Flow in Sa Cabaneta, a beautiful Yoga and Retreat House. She was wearing white clothes, a turban thingy on the head. Different. Yes, Kundalini is different than conventional Hatha practice. With Raj I had my second kundalini experience and I remember after chanting, a lot of pranayama and energetic exercises, I went home happy and full of energy. And with the conclusion, that Kundalini should be part of a yogic practice. But, yeah, let’s listen to Raj Jiwan, this power- and delightful young teacher from Mallorca! 😉 SAT NAM.



Who are you and how did Yoga come into your life?
I was born Philippa Hughes in Mallorca. My spiritual name is Raj Jiwan. The shift from Philippa to Raj Jiwan happened in 2005 when I felt a pull towards yoga even though I didn’t really know what “Yoga” was. At a holistic fair in the UK I stumbled onto a book that would literally change my life. It was the “Woman’s book of Yoga.” I started to practice the yoga outlined in the book and immediately noticed real changes in me. For example, I had more energy; I was less moody and I felt less lost, so I kept it up. I had no idea, however, that this book would literally change the course of my life. By 2010 I had left my cushy job in the Yachting world to go to my first of several teacher trainings.

Why Kundalini – what fascinates you?
I have always said Kundalini Yoga found me.
Right from the first moment I started to practice the most basic of Kundalini technology, I began experiencing real changes to both my physiological and physiological being. I could see the changes happen and I found this amazing and a little unnerving! My first teacher training ultimately completely changed the course of my life. Kundalini technology changes you at the cellular level and cleans out your limiting beliefs.
Change is not easy but Kundalini Yoga provides some easy tools to help you along the way, in fact, once you start practising, change happens without you really being conscious. It starts on the inside but is quickly visible on the outside too.

You are saying, that your commitment to your students is to eliminate limiting beliefs, identify the own rhythm and enhance the quality of life. It sounds very therapeutic. To be a Kundalini Teacher, is it like being a life coach?
Maybe the term life coach is too limiting and also focuses on me as a teacher, when in reality it’s not about me but about the tools that Kundalini provides my students. The technology of Kundalini yoga is broad and includes many therapeutic aspects. Think of it as a yogic technology that up­grades the operating system that is you.

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

You are a mother. And you are working as a doula. What is your message especially for women?
In the pre­natal yoga classes I teach, I see women who fear childbirth, mostly because they have lost touch with themselves, their bodies and the natural world around them. By contrast, if we learn how to be in­touch with our inner self and trust our intuition we can go into labour with another perspective thereby allowing the birthing process to unfold naturally. Learn how to meditate. Meditate!.

I am a young mother too and life sometimes can be quite challenging. How can mothers still fulfill their own needs? Any helpful Kundalini exercises? ;­ )
Yes, try and meditate in a quiet space that is yours for at least 3 minutes a day. Then increase the meditation to 11 minutes, then 32 minutes. There are specific meditations I can recommend but just meditate on what you want to change without any prejudgements is a great place to start.



Which Yoga book was the most empowering for you?
– A woman’s book of Yoga by Hari Kaur Khalsa
– Outobiography of a Yogui by Paramahansa Yogananda
– Masters Touch. Gurucharan Singh Khalsa/ Yogui Bhajan.

Recently you started “​P​op Up Yoga“​­​. I love this idea, tell me more about it!
The idea was born out of my desire to make Kundalini yoga more accessible, practical and economical for everyone. I pop up in your neighborhood, get the community together, practice and deepen our consciousness, all the while having fun! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Where can we meet you and are there any upcoming workshops you can recommend?
You can find out where I am going to be by checking the calendar section of​ or on Facebook where I post the weekly Pop­Up Yoga locations. Also, in the fall I’ll be starting regular classes in Binissalem as well as offering communities that can bring 4 or more people together the opportunity to have a semi­private class at the time and location of their choice.
I organized Mantra Night’s where we get together, meditate and sing Mantras.
Finally, I also give private classes. Prices range from a donation of 10,- for the Pop­Up Yoga to 15,- for the semi­privates and 60,- Euro for a private class.

You are thankful for…​

Me as a Teacher
Life, a beautiful community of loving and conscious beings and the lessons I continue to learn every day!

Raj Jiwan / P​alma de Mallorca, Spain
Learned with: D​onal Hughes, Bhoomajii, Yogui Bhajan, Marie Forleo.
Style: Kundalini
Website/ Social Media: Facebook Kundalini Raj
Your Favorite Mantra:
Consistence perseverance. Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.



Thank you Ellie for this wonderful interview , Sat Nam.

Check out Ellie Om tour website

Guru Jagat world tour, Mallorca, Vortex Visions.

Sat Nam Beautiful people,

Are you ready for a special event in Mallorca? We are! We are so excited that Guru Jagat is in Mallorca. A Kundalini Yoga and Meditation daylong immersion in the mystical valey of Orient is going to be nothing short of espectacular.

Vortex Visions

About the class

Using the activated, ancient and mystical Ley Lines of Orient, we will engage in deep and sacred Yogic Technology to light up your own personal destiny grid.

Directions to the yoga site

On the road Bunyola-Orient at 8,5Km marker. It is NOT in the Village of Orient, rather you drive out of Orient, away from Alaro and at 1,5Km on your left you will see a farm and some BIG containers.(See photo) You will see cars parked on your right.This is where you park. (See Photos)

These are the Containers you look out For!

These are the Containers you look out for!

This is the Sign where the Yatra begins...Sssssshhhhhh

This is the Sign where the Yatra begins…Sssssshhhhhh

Official address is: Carretera de Alaro-Bunyola, at 8,5Km 07110 Bunyola , Islas Baleares.

What to expect

Participants will walk 20 minutes, in the way of a yatra or short pilgrimage, ideally in silence, to the sacred, mystical, high frequency site of Es Salt des Freu in Orient. We recommend a hat and good walking shoes for this part of the day. Once at the site, you can expect a breeze and the majestic trees to provide an ideal environment in which to practice, celebrate, meditate, serve and sing with Guru Jagat. A vegetarian picnic bag lunch will be provided.

What to bring

  • Yoga Mat and cushion
  • Hat
  • Walking Shoes
  • WaterFor more information Please call me at: 608 50 12 35 or Veronique at 674 22 32 50. You can also email us at: